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Meet the Hello Nano technology

It is a technologically advanced nano coating developed by the Nano Institute, which shows strong antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-mold and antiallergic properties 24 hours a day. Numerous laboratory tests have shown that the coating in contact with any organic compound remains biologically clean, as it effectively breaks down all pathogenic microorganisms, making them harmless to health. The innovation of the HelloNano coating is a proven biocidal effectiveness, neutralization of organic odors and stains.


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hello nano

How does the Hello Nano coating work in medical garments?

Active surface

Active printing covers the entire surface of the product on both sides of the material, thanks to which it easily catches pathogenic pathogens present on it and has a wide effect neutralizing odors and stains. The task of clothing with the Hello Nano coating is comfort at work, which often lasts longer than expected.

Binding immobilization

The nanoplates (NNP) and nanotubes (NNT) used for printing are an excellent carrier for active ingredients, they effectively absorb all microorganisms and impurities, immobilizing them and preventing their transfer to hands or other surfaces.


No more multiplication

By joining nanotubes with metallic non-ionic colloidal nanosilver, the possibility of multiplication of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi or allergens is blocked. You no longer have to worry about washing your work uniform every day.




Pest elimination

The safety we guarantee is based on the action of nano oxides. Their task is to damage the protein structures on the surface of bacteria, viruses and the structure of mold, fungi and other pathogens. As a result, they are no longer dangerous to human health.


Photo catalytic activity gives products greater efficacy. When exposed to any type of nano light, the coating produces active oxygen which deactivates and destroys microbial residues. Thanks to innovative nanotechnology solutions, photocatalysis also takes place in the dark.

Surfacing with nanoparticles

Filling the fabric structure with nano particles during its production directly destroys all microorganisms that settle on the fibers of a given material.

hello nano


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