About us

The WikiLim brand focuses mainly on safety and comfort, which is why our clothing is not only elegant, but also functional. WikiLim clothing does not have unnecessary elements, and most importantly, ONLY our clothing is filled with the HelloNano coating. The technology used enables the real-time neutralization of bacteria, virurs, fungi, molds and other organic compounds, which is extremely important nowadays and in the current epidemiological situation.

The WikiLim brand represents the best tailoring craftsmanship, putting our clothes at the highest level. When choosing fabrics, we focused primarily on the quality of the material, which is why WikiLim clothing, in addition to its protective function, is very pleasant for the body, making wearing WikiLim clothes very comfortable all day at work and allowing you to focus on the performance of assigned duties.

The group of satisfied customers only confirms that the direction chosen by the WikiLim brand is primarily passion, comfort and elegance in determining medical fashion. The products we offer are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship. Identifying the needs of people working in various positions enables the creation of appropriate clothes depending on the specificity of the profession.

Together, we want to create products that combine comfort, convenience and safety, but also please the eye. The WikiLim offer includes clothes intended for women and men. Have you ever wondered if you can feel in harmony with yourself in medical clothing? WikiLim meets your expectations! Properly tailored clothes and delicate colors will change your business look.


is a brand that was created out of love …

Love for yourself, for people, for the world. They are two sisters and two complementary, albeit different halves. It is older and younger, it is black and white, it is a strict and artistic mind, it is prudence and madness, there are many differences, but a common goal!

Our goal is to donate to people from the medical, cosmetic, veterinary, dietary, pharmaceutical and other industries. convenience, comfort and, above all, safety. If you have any questions, we are available at: office@wikilim.com


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Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm